Tuition rates for international students vary wildly across Canada, with students in Ontario paying three times more than students in Newfoundland.

That’s the conclusion of Alex Usher, an expert consultant, who recently compared university tuition rates across the country.

International students pay an average of $9,360 per year to study in Newfoundland, he found, but an average of $29,761 a year to study in Ontario.

Newfoundland had the lowest tuition, followed by New Brunswick, Manitoba and Nova Scotia. Ontario posted the highest tuition for international students, followed by Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

The figures are averages. Tuitions vary in each province by program, course load and university.

Usher is president of Higher Education Strategy Associates, which publishes a regular newsletter about issues in Canadian post-secondary education. His analysis of international student tuition only includes Canadian universities. It does not consider the cost of public or private colleges, language schools or high school programs. You can read the complete report by going to Higher Education Strategy Associates and scrolling to the entry for Feb. 17.

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