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The province of Newfoundland and Labrador has made it easier for international students to immigrate to Canada.

International students who graduate from Memorial University or the College of the North Atlantic no longer need a job offer in their field of study to qualify for nomination for permanent resident status in Newfoundland.

Most provinces have programs designed to help international students become permanent residents after graduation. However, many of them require that students work for at least a year before they qualify.

Newfoundland is one of several Canadian provinces that will nominate students right after they graduate. However, until recently, international students had to have a job offer that related to their Newfoundland education to qualify for nomination. That was particularly difficult for students who prepared for a career in the oil and gas industry, which has suffered a steep decline.

Now students who graduated from a university or public college in Newfoundland can apply for the  Newfoundland and Labrador International Graduate Program as long as they have a job offer, even if the job doesn’t relate to their field of study. However, students must still have some experience or training that relates to the job, and the employer must be having difficulty finding workers to fill the position.

International students who graduated from universities or colleges outside Newfoundland may also be nominated for permanent resident status by the province of Newfoundland, but they must still have a job that relates to their Canadian degree or diploma and they must usually work in Newfoundland for at least a year before they can apply.

The new policy is the second change Newfoundland has made to help retain international students. In December, the province announced it would fund paid internships and job placements for international students.

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