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This is the revised, accurate version of an Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada web page advising students about the Post-Graduation Work Permit. (Government of Canada website)

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has removed bad information about the Post-Graduation Work Permit from its website.

Until late yesterday, the federal government Help Centre was advising recent graduates that they could not work in Canada after returning from overseas if their Post-Graduation Work Permit application was still being processed.

The issue affects more than 50,000 international students who apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit in Canada each year. Students who follow the website advice have often delayed returning home or traveling after graduation to make sure they are in compliance with Canadian immigration law when they start a new job.

The Help Centre is a section of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website that offers detailed answers to questions about visas, permits, permanent residency and other immigration matters. The Help Centre is a main source of legal information for many students, workers, refugees and others who rely on it to guide their immigration decisions.

The bad post was listed under the question “I’m waiting for my post-graduation work permit. Can I travel outside Canada and come back with my student visa?”

The incorrect answer said that a student could return to Canada as a visitor, but “You can’t work until you get your post-graduation work permit.” The bad answer also warned that a border officer might ask students to prove they have enough money to support themselves in Canada.

All of that information was removed yesterday afternoon.

The revised page reads, “If we are still processing your post-graduation work permit, you may enter as a visitor, and you can work without a work permit until we make a decision on your application.”

One regulated Canadian immigration consultant said students didn’t believe her advice that they could travel because they were relying on the government website information. Students will now have clear confirmation from the government that if they qualify for a Post-Graduation Work Permit and have applied for one, they can work after graduation while the application is processed regardless of whether they travel outside the country or stay inside Canada.



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