IRCC website policy on strike

IRCC website update for international students caught by the Ontario college strike.


Students and their immigration advisors now have proof that Ottawa won’t penalize Ontario college students for taking the tuition refund.

Ottawa has posted a detailed explanation of the options facing 50,000 Ontario students caught by a five-week college strike, and the immigration implications.

Colleges plan to cover the material from the five-week strike in two weeks of condensed classes. Students who don’t want to take the accelerated classes may get a full tuition refund – including international differential – and resume classes in January.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has created a page that covers four scenarios: if  students withdraws and returns in January; if they stay enrolled and take the condensed classes; if they withdraw and resume studies in the summer or fall and if they withdraw and don’t return to school at all.

Students who take the condensed courses in December, or who withdraw and return in January, won’t lose their study permit or jeopardize their ability to get a Post-Graduation Work Permit, according to the post.

The policy is different than the advice given by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada shortly after the strike was settled.

Students have until Dec. 5 to decide what they will do. Several media outlets have published stories suggesting that taking the tuition refund will jeopardize students’ immigration status. The recent addition to the official Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website makes it clear that is not true.

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