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Course loads, co-ops and curriculum can dramatically affect the immigration prospects of international students – and many senior leaders in higher education don’t know that.

The design of diploma and degree programs can affect whether international students are eligible to stay in Canada after graduation – or even eligible to complete their education. But the immigration needs of international students are rarely a consideration in discussions of pedagogy and program design.

Next month, senior leaders in education will have a chance to learn more about how institutional and immigration policies converge. The Canadian Bureau for International Education is holding a workshop about immigration law related to international students on Nov. 19 as part of its annual conference. The workshop “Intersecting Paths: Immigration and Institutional Policies from a Managerial Perspective” runs from 1 to 4:30 the afternoon of Nov. 19 at the Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre. Registration is $275 for members and $325 for non members.

“Immigration policy and practice is complex, constantly being updated and subject to interpretation and application that often varies from institution to institution,” said Jacquelyn Hoult, the director of communications of the Canadian Bureau of International Education.

The workshop will include case studies and a review of key factors to consider when making decisions in a variety of settings.

It will be run by two experts from University of British Columbia: Philipp Reichert and Rohene Bouajram

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