Graph shows Indian study permits passing Chinese study permits

Source: IRCC_TRproc_0003_E Source Countries – Applications Finalized for New Study Permit Applications (in Persons)

India has passed China as the top source of new international students in Canada, according to federal statistics.

Immigration officials approved 43,740 Study Permit applications from India in 2016, compared to 32,739 Study Permit applications from Chinese students.

The trend seems to be holding for 2017. In the first quarter of this year, immigration officials approved 6,928 Study Permits from Indian students, compared to 3,794 Study Permits from Chinese students.

Indian students have benefitted from a 2010 pilot program that fast-tracks the application of students who plan to enrol in one of 47 colleges in Canada.

China has been the top exporter of international students to Canada for many years and still dominates international enrolment overall. Counting all students with valid study permits – not just new study permits – China far outstrips India. Immigration updates show that 132,345 Chinese students held valid Canadian Study Permits at the end of 2016, compared to 76,530 Indian students.

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