Newfoundland and Labrador Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour Al Hawkins

Newfoundland and Labrador has launched two new pilot programs that offer international students paid internships and placements.

International students will be eligible for a paid 12-week internship and recent graduates will be eligible for a 16-week job placement. The province announced Dec. 5 that more than $392,000 in funding would support international students in the new Student Internship Pilot Program, and the My First Job in Newfoundland and Labrador Pilot Program.

Wanda Cuff-Young, vice president of Work Global Canada Inc., said the new programs will help students with not much work experience.

“This is a great bridging program,” said Cuff-Young.

“Students can come out of academia without knowing how things work. Maybe they have never done a resume, or they didn’t volunteer during their studies, so they don’t have those skills and contacts they need to get started. This will help students a lot.”

Details regarding eligibility, when the programs start, and how the funding will be allocated have not been released. The program will be managed by AXIS Career Services, the employment division of the Association for New Canadians.

A provincial press release quoted Al Hawkins, minster of advanced education, skills and labour, encouraging businesses to take advantage of the programs.

“International students and graduates who develop professional connections are more likely to stay here, enhancing the social vibrancy of our province and supporting economic growth,” reads the press release.

“We encourage the business community to avail of this opportunity to build our community, and to employ these skilled and talented individuals.”

Cuff-Young also believes the new pilots will benefit employers.

“This is new to business here,” she said. “Something that helps business learn to deal with different cultures is very good. This will let businesses try someone for 12 weeks and give them confidence about the hire.”




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