Our Team

Kelly Toughill

Editor and Publisher Kelly Toughill is an award-winning journalist who was deputy executive editor of The Toronto Star before joining the University of King’s College in 2006. She developed a passionate interest in the immigration needs of international students while serving as director of the King’s School of Journalism. Associate Professor Toughill maintains accreditation with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council as part of her commitment to in-depth immigration research.

William Kowalski

Chief Technology Officer William Kowalski has designed and developed interactive learning experiences for an array of corporate, government and military clientele, and has built websites for many small businesses in Canada and the United States. He has taught technology to adults at Nova Scotia Community College and in the Nova Scotia Department of Labour. He is founder of the boutique web development firm Mahone Bay Web Design, and has more than a decade of experience in web design, hosting, and IT management.

Polestar Student Immigration News

In-depth immigration news for international students in Canada and the institutions and advocates who support them.


Original journalism and custom research about Canadian immigration for media outlets, agencies and clients in higher education.

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