How to Deal With the Impact of COVID 19 Lockdown

The world seems to be in shambles during this time of turmoil as the world struggles to cope with the covid19 pandemic. Fear, panic, uncertainty, and despair are the terrifying creatures that are lurking over the heads of everyone, trying to kill us.

Despite the demons’ threatening presence, there seems to be a ray of hope for most people. That ray of sunshine appears as a happy attitude shared by us.

Turning COVID Into an Opportunity

The anxiety that accompanied the COVID 19 lockdown profoundly impacted us emotionally. It caused dramatic changes in our everyday lives and unexpected negative consequences. But, we can turn this challenge into a chance. How?

The first thing to note is that this lockdown provides a unique opportunity for families to enjoy rate time together. As everyone is home, the entire family can be more involved in creative activities such as baking, gardening, cooking, and sketching. Parents take time to play alongside their kids and participate in activities throughout the day that help strengthen family bonds.

Second, the lockdown allowed people to have more time, which they might employ their creativity to take better care of themselves or learn new skills or hobbies. Stress, worry, and losing hope are indicators of not being able to use your time effectively. As a result, people can balance sleep, exercise or leisure, socializing online, and relaxation.

Third, confinement is an excellent opportunity to reignite your interest and discover new talents. Because the fear of contracting the pandemic may be more dangerous than it is the virus itself, we should make ourselves aware of how to handle stress and stigma. As a result, we should be mindful of different stress-related reactions.

Fourth, the lockdown provides an opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is possible to alter our way of life into more healthful. For example, we can grow vegetables with space at home. Because we don’t have the option of leaving the house, we can consume fresh fruits and veggies instead of packaged food items. Therefore, it’s time to put our efforts into things that will benefit our health and overall well-being.

Fifth, since knowledge is power, the lockdown is a great opportunity for reading and writing. Every day, pay for at least 30 minutes of reading. There are plenty of products to ease the boredom you experience in such a short duration.

Lastly, this adversity provides a chance to develop resiliency. We’ve been through many challenges together. It started with massive earthquakes that destroyed the lives of our citizens and livelihoods, then progressed to African Swine Disease (ASF). This pandemic virus is closely followed by landslides, torrential rains, and earthquakes. This Pandemic COVID 19 isn’t over, but the earthquake is back to terrorize us!


However, the public has realized this, and nowadays, they get information from numerous reliable sources. In the end, newspapers are closing down, and individuals are using streaming to “cut the cable” to watch what they want to watch. So, what do you have to choose from now? Infections, hospitalizations, and deaths seem to be falling. Medical specialists agree that we should be back to normal by the fall, whichever that is. Do what you consider to be right. Make use of common sense. Find as much information as feasible from various sources.