What Should I Expect at an Immigration Medical Clinic Visit?

The path to immigration may seem cumbersome with various legal procedures and medical examinations. A key step in this process is visiting an immigration medical clinic. A better understanding of what to expect during this visit can make the experience smoother and less stressful.

Preparation For The Visit

Gathering Necessary Documents

  • Before your scheduled appointment, gather all necessary documents. Your identification, medical records, and vaccination history are important.
  • If your records are in a language other than English, consider getting them translated. This can help streamline the process once you’re at the clinic.

Scheduling the Appointment

  • Set up your appointment when you’re likely to be relaxed and available.
  • This way, you can give the process the attention it requires.

Things To Remember Before The Visit

  • You may be asked to refrain from eating or drinking anything several hours before certain medical tests.
  • Your panel physician will provide precise instructions regarding medications or dietary restrictions, if any.
  • Regular sleep and proper hydration are also recommended before your visit.

Get More Information

  • While preparing for the visit, do not hesitate to get more information about the process from reliable government sources or your immigration medical clinic.
  • This proactive approach ensures that you are well-prepared and aware of the expectations.

During The Appointment

Checking In

  • Arrive at the immigration medical clinic with ample time for check-in procedures.
  • Wait times can vary, so it’s advisable to keep your schedule for the day flexible.

Medical History Interview

  • During the visit, you will be interviewed about your health history.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about surgeries, chronic diseases, allergies, lifestyle habits, and family health history.

Immigration Medical Exam and Panel Physician

  • The physical examination you undergo will cover a general check-up by the panel physician. This includes checking your weight, height, heart rate, blood pressure, etc.
  • Any clinics that offer immigration medical services in Vaughan or elsewhere will provide these standard tests.

Specific Screenings And Vaccinations

  • Different immigration authorities may require vaccinations, health screenings, and physical examinations.
  • These can vary depending on age, origin, or destination country. You might need eye tests, chest X-rays, or blood tests.

After The Appointment

After you conclude your medical examination, the clinic doesn’t just rest. There are essential steps that need to happen to ensure your exam results accurately support your immigration application.

Interpretation Of Results

  • The panel physician meticulously interprets your medical results.
  • This critical stage involves reviewing each test result and equating it to the medical guidelines for immigration.
  • Sometimes, the physician might need to consult with other medical professionals to make an accurate determination.

Organizing Required Documents

  • All necessary documents are organized to complement your medical results.
  • These could be vaccination records, radiographs, pathology reports, and more.
  • These documents must be arranged systematically for easy review by immigration authorities.

Drafting the Medical Report

  • A comprehensive medical report is prepared. This report embodies your general health status and test results.
  • It also comprises professional observations from the physical examination performed by the panel physician.
  • This report is drafted accurately and professionally, as it serves as a critical document in your immigration procedure.

Packaging and Sending off the Report

  • Once the medical report is compiled, it’s prepared for dispatch. It’s enclosed in an envelope, sealed, and sent directly to the relevant immigration authority.
  • Some clinics allow for digital submission of reports, making the process more efficient.

Communication with the Patient

  • Lastly, the clinic informs you of the test results and the report delivery.
  • The physician may call or email you regarding the test results and inform you of any necessary follow-up actions.
  • This could be arranging additional tests, counseling for a detected condition, or simply informing you that your health checks out and the report has been sent to the authorities.
  • Transparency in communication and attentiveness to patient understanding is a priority.

Immigration Medical Exam Prices

The cost of the physical examination and additional tests, screenings, or vaccinations combined constitutes the immigration medical exam fee. While the cost can vary by location and clinic, most clinics offer competitive prices to not discourage immigrants from completing this crucial step in the immigration process.

Process Of Follow-Up

Sometimes, you may be required to go through further tests or treatments. Factors for this could range from inconsistent results to positive detection in screenings. The clinic should be forthcoming with the next steps and assist with coordinating necessary follow-up care.

Your Rights And Responsibilities

You are entitled to respectful treatment, patient confidentiality, and informed consent as a patient. You also have the right to refuse treatment after understanding the implications. It’s important to remember that these rights come with providing accurate information and complying with the physician’s instructions.


Visiting an immigration medical clinic is a significant step towards achieving your immigration goals. Preparing for the visit, understanding the procedures involved, and knowing your rights and responsibilities can make this process smooth and stress-free. After all, it’s another step closer to turning your immigration dreams into reality.